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Hi, I'm Chris!
I'm an independent technology systems consultant, tool maker, and founder based in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have dedicated my professional career to working with public schools and organizations that support public school operations. I am blessed with a wife and daughter that keep me grounded and motivated.

What can I do for you and/or your organization?

  • Help your HR department impress administrators and new hires
  • Gain access and insight into information stored in your information systems
  • Connect you with school HR professionals in Minnesota
  • Help validate your information technology product in the public school marketplace
  • Help deliver more valuable and reliable software products

About Chris Hoehn

I work as the owner and managing director of VitaminK12. For sixteen years, I have been working at the intersection of technology, schools, and human resources, and have been involved in all aspects of the product and talent management life cycles.
In the world of HR, my emphasis is on recruitment, employer branding, applicant experience, evaluation, and performance metrics.

I have presented at technology user group meetings as well as numerous conferences including: the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA), Minnesota Association of School Personnel Administrators (MASPA), Minnesota College and University Career Services Association (MCUCSA). I am the coordinator forMASPA and State Negotiators, and have started numerous initiatives to support schools such as User Groups of Minnesota and